img_20150310_105059Welcome to my website.  Its great to have you visit.  I am Jo Ruth Smith, also writing as Joanne  Ruth, but please call me Jo.

I am writer, poet, mother, grandmother and all round curious person. I was born in New Zealand and live amid the stunning scenery of the North Island’s volcanic central plateau, one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations.

Writing has been my passion since childhood and with an insatiable sense of curiosity, an inquiring mind, a zest for life and an adventurous spirit it was inevitable that I would end up writing novels.

I  have added inspiration with unique, individual and adventurous children and grandchildren who have sometimes questionable senses of humour and who have been raised to think independently – much to my consternation at times. Life is an adventure to be enjoyed.

The beauty and wonders of New Zealand are another source of inspiration to me. There is so much to explore in this glorious country.  I wish you could all come and visit us and see for yourselves.

Though I have come to write later in life I still have many adventures to tell and maybe even secrets to reveal for all of us know . . . that for something to be believable . . . it must have at least a little bit of truth.

I love books and avidly read a diverse range of authors and styles. My hat is tipped to so many talented storytellers.

I hope you enjoy my novels. They are written for you.

Feel free to contact me either through this website or by email.

I love to hear from you.